IOT Projects

The Internet of Things (IOT) industry is rapidly increasing in interest, revenue, and usability. This page will some of my activities in this cutting edge area on a personal or professional level. Unless otherwise stated, my preferred platform of choice is and their "Photon" series of development boards. Learn more at Particle's website.


Thirsty Plant Sensor

Leveraging the Particle Power Shield, a 20W solar panel from eBay, some custom developed code, and rigorous testing, I was able to keep a Particle Photon alive for over 1 month using merely solar/battery power without any additional recharges needed. The sensor takes capacitive soil readings from a Dwarf Banana Plant every 20 minutes and streams the results to Ubidots. 

Project is currently inactive. Code available upon request. Data was refreshed approximately every 20 minutes 24/7.

Architecture Overview of the Thirsty Plant

Architecture Overview of the Thirsty Plant