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Gordon Strodel

Data & Analytics Solution Owner for Slalom Boston. Background in Mechanical Engineering. Obsessed with solving problems elegantly and permanently.

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Of Deleting my Social Media...

Of Deleting my Social Media...

If you’ve tried to find me on social media lately, you’ll notice that many pages do not exist. I’ve removed my profiles from LinkedIn and Twitter recently, with Instagram still under review. (And I deleted Facebook about 9 years ago now…)


Why would I do this? I’ve have several observations based on my own usage of social media:

  • Social Media wastes time during “ordinary” moments of the day. I don’t need to be scrolling through Instagram during the commute on the T or while giving my kids a bath.

  • Social Media breeds envy about my life or career. I see posts on LinkedIn for other professionals and it questions whether I am doing the right thing. I see beautiful updates on Instagram and wish my life was full of warm beaches, exotic travel, happier marriages, beautiful wives and kids that always smile, etc. Life is simply more of a journey and people only post the highlights on social media which subconsciously tell us life should also look like this. And I can tell you, life has a lot of “ordinary” moments that are not Insta-worthy!

  • Or they use Social Media to complain to companies…which was approximately 80% of my use of Twitter. (I did post automated IoT messages there…but there are more appropriate platforms for those machine-generated messages.)

  • I’ve tried paid subscriptions on LinkedIn and frankly the subscription never helped me get a job, be a better mentor, be a better colleague, or help my career. At best LinkedIn extended my reach on a given topic — but I am not setting out to be widely famous for my ideas.

  • Lastly, a small but important factor: LinkedIn and other platforms are outright selling your information (Name, Title, Email, Company, Location, etc.) for their benefit and you have ZERO control as to where it goes. They should be paying me to profit from my information.

So for now, Social Media and I are on a break.

My email, work email, website, and phone number are all the same. So please, write, call, or text. But don’t post or tweet to me, I won’t get your @mention.

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