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Gordon Strodel

Data & Analytics Solution Owner for Slalom Boston. Background in Mechanical Engineering. Obsessed with solving problems elegantly and permanently.

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Agile for Data - Introduction

Agile for Data - Introduction

In the 8+ years I’ve worked with data, I have yet to see an analytics team effectively deliver a data project using the agile methodology seen in the application/software space. For the past year and a half, I have been on a journey to change that.

The long-term goal of this series is provide a repository of information around the best-practices for leading and organizing data-related projects using Agile principles.

  • The goal is not to teach you Agile, but rather how to leverage one’s experience with agile in the context of a analytics initiative.

  • Data projects are nuanced from their application/software counterparts, and thus require additional customization of traditional agile practices to make them successful.

  • In addition, most data teams in industry are NOT using traditional agile, and thus this institutional reluctance to change further impacts the ability to delivery with agility.

Consider a Cake…

A cake illustrates the analytics technology we work with:

  • Data Visualization

  • Semantic Layer

  • Prepared Layer

  • Staging (or Raw) Layer

  • Source Data

Do you eat a cake by slicing it horizontally?

Why do we structure our work in such a manner?

We are not laying bricks. We are eating cake.

Welcome aboard the journey!


Agile for Data - Preface

Agile for Data - Preface

Of Deleting my Social Media...

Of Deleting my Social Media...